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Resources for Domain Names.  After all, we don't remember numbers too well.  Without the domain name system (DNS) we would be left having to try to remember addresses like

Domain Name Registrars

Register or transfer your domain name to any of these recommended registrars.

Domain Hostmaster
I have previously only marketed Domain Hostmaster to professional webmasters, web designers, site developers, search optimizers and online marketers.  But Domain Hostmaster is and always has been available and open to everyone. Domain Hostmaster uses the same domain manager and hosting engine as GoDaddy, but I try to reduce the customer's spam experience by reducing cross selling.  There are plenty of free extras as well, such as free email with domain purchase, and a free starter page to get your site online.  Although our web hosting is basic, it is extremely reliable, and we offer a catalog of script packages that can be automatically installed if the user selects to do so.  A great dedicated tech support staff is there to assist Domain Hostmaster customers over the phone 24 hours a day, every day.

Site Domains
Site Domains addresses some of the problems that non-professionals experience when registering a domain name, they also want web hosting and all the other stuff that they need to put up a good website.  The idea is that all small businesses should be online, and so few are.  Because of this, Site Domains offers more cross-selling, and although this can hamper a professional webmaster, it can really assist a newbie.  The cross-selling helps explain to the new website admin or owner exactly what is needed and suggests accordingly.  Site Domains is available to anyone, of course, and also offers such niceities as web design packages to help small business get online quicker and more easily.  Site Domains also offers the same dedicated tech support staff to assist via phone, online or via email, 24/7.

A new player to the domain name registration and hosting game is Domainance.com.  Although starting out small using PayPal for payments, this tiny powerhouse offers extensions that even others don't (An example is the ICANN gTLD extension: .NAME which is intended for personal use).  

Domain Name Speculation & Investing

Often called "Domaining" by the people who do it ("Domainers"), domain name speculation and investment is the act of speculating on one or more winning generic keyword based names as well as developing brand names for high traffic to resell to companies and individuals for their traffic value, or their developed presence.

Premium Brand Name
Premium brand name and logo packages. Premium domain names and websites available for purchase.

Domainer's Name
My own portfolio of premium domain names.  Some are for sale, a few I will not part with. Premium aftermarket domain names portfolio. Domaining resources and information.

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