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Web Design & Development Resources

Resources for small business, corporations, webmasters, site admins, designers and developers to assist in getting a professional online presence.

Web Design Studios

Site Design Master
Offers design and development for 3 types of sites: #1) Quickly designed and developed small but complete websites for professionals and small business on fast servers (using any of a number of our paid hosting solutions). #2) Custom professional websites designed for Google Sites free web hosting services ($ FREE)*. #3) Complete and total control over aspect of your website, spam-free email systems, and your domains by using any one of our approved web hosting/server partners (not always our own offerings). *Please note that the Google Sites website editor is proprietary and therefore we cannot promise satisfactory search optimization. Consulting is also available at $25.00/hour. Web design rates are based on $90.00/hour.

Symbiotic Design
Creative freelance graphic design studio. Well branded, search optimized, user friendly websites are our specialty. Mobile devices and tablets are all supported using responsive design. Mobile apps and game development is also available. Currently offline due to tremendous demand.

Web Designers

Doug Peters
Artist, illustrator, cartoonist, designer, developer, search optimizer, marketer, domainer and brand expert. A creative business man's personal website and portfolio. Design, webmastering, marketing, branding, domaining and web hosting resources/information are all available on-site.

Do-It-Yourself Web Design Resources

Standard Logo
Create a standard logo or header for your website, free of charge, using our 3D logo/header maker. Website also explains the benefits of professional logo design without intrusion or obligation.

Color Of You
Website Tonight is an easy-to-use templated site design system which allows you to find the Color of You and post your professional presence online quickly and painlessly.

CSS Websites
Cascading Style Sheets provide website styling, formatting effects and better user interaction using less code, fewer resources and less memory, to compliment the structural web page coding of HTML. CSS Websites are therefore much more advanced, faster loading and more easily crawled by search engine spiders. In effect, CSS designed websites provide an optimized platform for humans as well as search platforms, and search engines are starting to recognize this contribution.

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