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Dreadnought is a manually edited, static page based, general web directory intended for all audiences. Dreadnought is kept strictly kid safe.  It offers an experienced webmaster's view of cyberspace.  The categories are shown below and on the top and bottom of each page.  As the directory is manually edited, there is no listing submissions page.  These listings are my personal and professional recommendations.


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Dreadnought is a simple and tiny web directory.  It will expand with the passage of time.  The resources listed within are personal recommendations by myself, Doug Peters, not paid listings or spammed links.  However, I should mention that I am obviously biased and have listed my own resources, as well.  Fortunately, I don't sell anything that I don't believe in. so do expect to see some of my own properties (fair warning).

Our short URL for sharing: http://x.co/dread

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Dreadnought Directory Logo

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